Sync JDBC Sources

Python Library. This library provides an easy way of replicating tables from JDBC databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.) to iomete

Define your tables to migrate, your source JDBC connection and destination warehouse connection details, and it's ready.


If your database is in your private network then you need to have SSH Tunnel between Iomete (see: Database Connection Options)

How it works

Let's say you have a table payments in your MySQL database name: mydb.
The script does the following steps for each table:

  1. Create a database named mydb in the warehouse, if it doesn't exist
  2. Create a proxy table named: __payments_proxy using JDBC provider. See JDBC Sources for more details
  3. Select from __payments_proxy and insert/merge (based on sync_mode) into destination table payments

Sync mode

You can define sync mode for each table. Currently, supported sync modes are:

  • FullLoad: Read everything in the source and overwrites the whole table at the destination at each sync
  • IncrementalSnapshot: It creates the snapshot of the table in the destination and only moves the newly inserted and updated records. While writing to iomete it uses a merge statement. This mode requires 2 parameters: identification_column will be used on merge statement, and tracking_column to track where it should continue to get data from the source table

Code Example

Install the library

pip install iomete-jdbc-sync


For quick start you can use the example project template:

Code example:

import os

from iomete_jdbc_sync.connection.source import MySQLConnection

from iomete_jdbc_sync import DataSyncer

from iomete_jdbc_sync.connection.destination import WarehouseConnection
from iomete_jdbc_sync.sync.sync_mode import FullLoad, IncrementalSnapshot
from iomete_jdbc_sync import Table

if __name__ == '__main__':
    tables = [

    data_syncer = DataSyncer(
            host="test-db-1", #ssh tunnel name to the source db
            port="3306", # source db port
            schema="mydb", # source db schema
          host="<warehouse-name>-<account-number>", # iomete warehouse instance
            user_name="data-replicator", # iomete user
            db_name="mydb-backup" # database name in iomete to replicate data to

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